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Nadi Consultant Service is very fond of serving Nadi Astrology to people in the Globe to not only analyzing  their destiny, but also realizing the Human Values thereby removing their Karmic (sins) after effects in this present birth.  We invite you in this to browse any area of your life subject by selecting relevant chapter(s) and to restructure the life as you desire.  

Note :- It is mandatory to order Chapter 1 before ordering any other chapters.

This alone guarantees whether are not a holy script is written for you and exist. It is also ideal to order Chapters 13 and 14 along with Chapter 1.This combination gives not only predictions but also provides ways and means to redress your problem through remedies.

Nadi Astrology Chapters

1 chapter1
General Chapter

It is this which established whether or not a holy script is written for an individual. If found it contains ones birth chart, parents name, siblings ,work nature, future ,occurrences a general description about factor governing past birth karma and needed remedial measure and longevity of life span.

60 USD

Shanthi Chapter

It is presumed that everyone who is born is supposed to have committed some sort of blunder knowingly or unknowingly in one of their previous life times. The curses earned by an individual on account of this makes them to face series of setbacks in present life. To retrieve this menace, the holy text prescribes remedy in the form of temple visits so as to obtain  divine blessing and to offset.

45 USD

Diksha Chapter

Every one knows planet do not remain static but in mobility which reacts favorably and unfavorably depending upon one's birth chart . To forestall such adverse reaction of the planet and to appease it, this remedy suggested  in the form of talisman with a mantra power energized on it for a specific duration of period.

45 USD

Money, Family and Education

This highlights your present and future growth in terms of financial earning and dealings. Your vision strength during the course of life, attachment with family members, education skills and talents in speech before others.

45 USD

Siblings and Bond 

 This reveals sibling details and level of rapport among all (cordial or spite),boldness and possession regarding house hold properties.

45 USD

Mother and welfare

 In this about mother and  of her affection towards family  members in all. House, vehicle, land and pleasures.

45 USD


This is about pattern of children, their growth and skill effects during forthcoming days, adoptions and remedial measure for childless situation.

45 USD

Disease, Enemies ,Debts and Litigation

This sounds about causes facing debts, diseases, court proceeding due to enmity of others and remedial measures to stall.

45 USD

Marriage and Matching Partner Detai

This chapter brings details to know the possible marriage period and to choose right person as life partner with indicative such as their birth chart, distance and direction.

45 USD

Life span    

Through this chapter one will be sounded about the year upto which he/ she manages to live.(Age , month, Day,Time Star, Lagnam and Location of death).

45 USD

Spiritual perception  and Father  

This subscribes prediction with regards to Father, wealth, visit to temples, fortune, preaching through holy men and charity.

45 USD


It gives future prediction regards to job or business, struggles and changes if any to occur .

45 USD

Business gain and Second Marriage   

 This chapter prescribes about business activities and of its reaction. It also mentions whether or not there exist second marriage option.

45 USD

Expenditures and Foreign Visit  

This gives about the necessity to spend money for occasions and its results. It also briefs about foreign visit possible to happen, next birth and attainment of salvation.

45 USD

Special Nadi Chapters

(It is mandatory to order Chapter 1 before ordering any other special chapters)

Political Kandam Chapter (Public Life) (chapter-17)

This is about predictions about social service and political life. In this it high lights about future course of involvent in one's life career. Those in politics or desired to be will come to know where they are on this and also could cruise during incoming periods. Some may have blessed for it but may not know. This chapter will give in sight about everything on this aspects.

200 USD

Dasa Bhukthi (Chapter-15)

Speaks about the planets influencing the Native primarily and secondarily at the time of listening to this prediction. The results yielded by them and the way with which the values of them can be enriched and the precautionary effort to balance one's weak period are all obtained. This reading minimise one's difficult days to the minimal level.

150 USD

Gynana Kaandam ( Chapter-16)

It speaks the goal of the life (LIBERATION) of the Native, since how many births he/she has been trying to achieve it, how may births yet he/she should try to achieve the goal, the right path to be pursued and to achieve it (LIBERATION) are all portrayed in this holy script.

175 USD

Aushada Kaandam

It speaks about the reason/origin of the chronic diseases of the Native while they are difficult to be diagnosed by the doctors, and describes the preparation (medicine) as per the direction of the great seers and sages, the way it is to be taken with diet restriction and the length of the period it is to be taken etc., for a speed and safe recovery.

150 USD

Prasna Nadi

Prasna Nadi Astrology is one of the methods followed in the ancient and forms part of Vedic Astrology with a word connectivity namely "HORA" were one unit time is measured as one hour. Prasna Nadi means getting desire detail putting forth five questions on a specific aspects for which needed data is either date and time of question written.

50 USD


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