Numerology for Names

Numerology is the science of numbers which reveals their immense potentialities.Every human Being has problems. The major problem is pain and sorrow and attainment of exclusive pleasure and happiness.

The only solution for this problem is approaching it in numerological way and fixing a name on that basics. The science of numerology for names have the power to influence our lives,Numbers have the power to rule us whether we believe it or not.

Effects of Numerology on Human Beings:- The moment a man is born, he is governed by certain numbers. These numbers start influencing his life. He is identified only by name and a number representing that name although he may not recognize them. As the grows older, year by year, numbers will be interwoven in his life. He will get success or failure, complete his education, and start his career according to the influence of the number on his life by.

Numbers are very powerful and have divinity. Each number has a peculiar electromagnetic power by which the events in his life are profoundly influenced. The chief number which influence or shapes a man's life is his birth number. The birth number has an influence on his mental capacity, profession, family background and all other incidents in his life.

Numerology Reports

Nadi Consultant Service will help you with the support of Numerology report to Correct your name with us to have the most harmonious and powerful positive results. Each and every alphabet has a numeric value and when we add all this numeric values it comes to a unique total which should match with your date of birth. In name the first alphabet of your name numeric value is more potent in the whole name, but the total of the whole name should match flawlessly.

By addition or subtraction of any alphabets in your current name you can get the most amazing and unbelievable positive results. By this Numerology Report, correct name will give you positive vibrations and can change your fortune and whole life in a very positive manner.

This name change/correction in your personal name is absolutely necessary to achieve success, In business change of business name will bring to gain wealth and prosperity.

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